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State Garage Doors believes in making our customers happy and helping ensure that their homes remain secure by fixing their garage doors. Residents in Chula Vista, CA can contact us 24/7 for their garage door service needs. We are known as the best in the business and have operated in the community for well over a decade. Our team is comprised of thorough professionals who are friendly and actually listen to your concerns, working according to your needs and your schedule. Our team undergoes constant training and development. Team members have strong technical background and years of industry experience, ensuring they have the knowledge they need to fix or maintain your door, whatever the type. 

An array of choices:

 State Garage Doors can accommodate all your needs, whether you are security-oriented or aesthetically inclined. We offer a variety of door types, including steel garage doors that offer maximum security to simple wooden affairs that go well with your home décor. Our doors can also be customized according to your preferences. We offer only the newest technology mechanisms and contract with only the best brands in the industry, which means our customers only experience the best.


 State Garage Doors also provides weatherstripping services. Most garage doors aren’t designed to be weather proof. This means that, more often than not, moisture or wind (or even sleet) can find their way inside your garage and begin to damage your interiors or even your car. The weather can also cause strange noises to echo inside the house. Weatherstripping your garage door helps you get rid of this problem.

Our weatherstripping solutions will seal gaps and crevices in your garage door to ensure your interior is protected from the weather and the noise. We will also replace old weatherstripping to help keep your garage clean.